Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Mood Board - Blue

So I've been having a bit of blue moment, as of lately. As an attempt to share this cotton candy like color with you, I decided to show what's been  inspiring me through a mood board. 

I hope you find the same amount of delight as I do in this assortment of whimsical tulle &  sugary soft hues. Maybe I even inadvertently persuaded one of you to indulge in blues this spring & summer. 

Do let me know if you if you want to see more Mood Boards from me so I can attempt to arrange something on a weekly basis! 

P.S. I created a Tumblr account in order to invite you all even deeper into my dream like mind filled with little amazement's of inspiration and of course fashion! Follow me there at: TheStylesMeow if you'd like to join me! It can be as if we're just a group of girlfriends drinking coffee & eating pink cupcakes all while browsing through a world filled with beauty. 

What color is having a moment in your life?
Also let me know your Tumblr names & if you're following me! 



  1. I love it! i'm also really into that pale baby blue at the moment and have my eye on a purse at h&m in that colour!
    In regards to your tumblr, you should turn on your ask box so people can ask you questions like me :)