Friday, May 2, 2014

May Fashion Fest: Day 1

Happy May my little spring cupcakes! 
So this month has always been one of my favorites, from later sunsets to the vividly painted flowers and warm spring air- May is the month I leave all my winter troubles behind and start anticipating long hot summer days! My excitement for May has extended itself to my YouTube channel this year {hopefully not be regretted} As I decided to share my enthusiasm with you all through a new little series I named "MayFashionFest"
Like MissGlamorazzi & AllThatGlitters21's MakeupMAYhem series, I will be uploading a new video to my channel every other day.... I know, what have I done? hehe 
I'm actually really excited as I have a lot of new fun videos planned, some highly requested too. These videos will of course be packed with fashion but most importantly.... I want you guys to get involved. I need YOUR requests as to what other videos I should do all through May in order to get both you & I prepared for Summer!

So... what do you want to see during MayFashionFest?! It can be beauty, fashion, and/or health related! Now is the time to get those requests in! And please watch Day 1 in the video above if you'd like, & let me know your excited by leaving a comment ^_^


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  1. Kaylee, I'm really excited for Ya. Lookin forward to each vid <3